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WENNA, Handmade OOAK Native Nature Welsh Fairy Art Doll * Witch Sorceress

WENNA, Handmade OOAK Native Nature Welsh Fairy Art Doll * Witch Sorceress

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Gwyllion Fairies can help with PROTECTION

" Show up. Step up. Commit. This is not a time to doubt. No wallowing in self pity either. It's time to get onboard."

"Mountains know secrets we need to learn. That it might take time, it might be hard, but if you just hold on long enough, you will find the strength to rise up." Tyler Knott

Simply put, Wenna doesn't mess around. She does everything LARGE. I mean, look at her hair; a mountain of dreadlocks made from locally sourced natural brown sheep's fleece!

She wears a hand dyed paper rose and several brownish feathers* tucked into her big hair. Her cap is made of the same hand felted multicoloured fabric as her robe. Constructed of dark layers of dyed wool and colourful prefelt squares embedded into the background. 

Wenna's skirt is made from locally sourced natural grey welsh sheep's wool.  Her body is bittersweet red/orange wool melton and wood.

Her bronze seed bead necklace has a large bronze key** and a red enamelled heart*** for pendants. Wenna carries a large hand painted and antiqued wooden box filled with treasures.

Lined with a tea dyed silk fabric swatch, it features hand dyed paper roses, a golden metal leaf form, a sisal wreath wrapped in silk sitting on a handmade felt nest. Atop the wreath is a carnelian**** semi precious stone.

*Brown feathers represent a grounding influence. Stay strong and endure. They evoke connection to divinity and spiritual realms, a symbol of freedom.

**Key opens a door. (To your heart?) It speaks to potential, freedom and personal accessibility to previously unreachable goals. It bodes a hopeful future. Enjoy personal confidence.

***Heart means sensuality, passion, emotion, nurturing affection and love; especially romantic love.

****Carnelian is a symbol of courage, endurance, energy, leadership and motivation. It promotes rich life force energy. The ancient Egyptians believed that Carnelian unites all divine powers.

 [Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 12" tall not including ribbon hanger.

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