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(From Sara)

I see fairy people...

ABOUT MY FAIRY DOLLS: Many people think that fairies are cute, pretty little things and I suppose some of them are like that. But in my experience, the fairies I know are much more interesting: Edgy, mischievous and filled with character and mystery.

When I am creating a doll, it seems like I am being guided, not that I just make it up out of my own mind. It's like I am channelling their energy. My fairies can be quite bossy and petty at times. They are extremely opinionated. Fairies have a real sense of humour and find delight and joy everywhere.

Although they can seem a bit harsh sometimes, (they tend to say what they think and not hold back), with very few exceptions, they have big kind hearts. When treated well, they always respond with love and generosity.

If one of my fairies chooses you, or if one speaks the name of your loved one in your mind ("this doll would be perfect for so-and-so") don't hesitate to invite the fairy into your life. It is an opportunity for you, or someone you love, to embark on a very unique relationship with an otherworldly being.

Roald Dahl said, “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” Choose magic! Believe in Fairies!

ABOUT ME: It all started 30 years ago when more items were needed by my friend Georgia and I to sell at a Christmas Craft Faire in our Christmas Ornament booth. I began by making Father Christmas dolls and some angels. Once I started sculpting, I never looked back.

My dollmaking has gone through many phases and I have made hundreds and hundreds of dolls over the years. Everything from Santas to Fairies to Mythological Characters from Legends and Fairy Tales to Historically Accurate Figurines to Wizards and Witches and Goddesses, Oh My! I even had a booth at the famous New York Toy Fair.

My dollmaking business is called Eufaeria.

We moved from the west coast of the US to Wales a year ago and spent 11 months camping. We have recently purchased a house with a shop space downstairs in the lovely small market village of Llandovery. We are opening up an Art Gallery after we finish remodelling. I am working small as my actual studio space is part of the remodel. Making due with a temporary set up in one of our spare bedrooms has its challenges!

I look forward to getting a kiln and setting up my studio workspace. I am sculpting with paper clay in the interim but I do long to get back to porcelain, my preferred medium.

ABOUT HIRAETH GALLERY: Eventually, I will branch out into other realms and create additional Art for the Gallery. This will include several of our other businesses that I will breathe into life as time permits.
Watch for:
WOOL CONFECTIONS: Wearable Art Felt and Woollen Treasures.

PASSIONATE BATHER: Natural & Organic Bath and Body.

ORNAMENTO: Boho and Unique Housewares, Wall Art and Gifts.

SARESSENCE: Therapeutic Essential Oils and Perfumes, Facial Reality (natural good-enough-to-eat face care) and Sleep Shop.

SECRET GARDEN: Faux Bois Furniture, garden sculptures , mosaics and other Garden Art.

MAGICKALS: Casting Stones, Runes, Pyramids & Divination Tools. All handmade by me.

CLAY DRAGON: From Eclectic Mugs to Candle Lanterns to Animalia to MOSAICS and beyond...

Mythical Creatures from Days Gone By

Some Art Dolls from my Past


Hiraeth Gallery

17 Market Square

Llandovery, SA20 0AB

Online AND Bricks n Mortar Art Gallery located in downtown Llandovery, Wales.