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PORFFOR: Handmade Art Doll * OOAK Crone * Welsh Fairy Fantasy Witch * Sorceress

PORFFOR: Handmade Art Doll * OOAK Crone * Welsh Fairy Fantasy Witch * Sorceress

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Bwbachod fairies can make wonderful HELPERS

How to Use & Display Your Art Doll – Hiraeth Gallery

Porffor means "purple".

Materials used in the making of this art doll:

Hand sculpted and painted paper clay, hand dyed silver grey welsh sheep locks, seed beads with silver triskelion charm pendants, tiny ceramic cat perched on top of handmade felt cushion, handmade wet felted wool cloak with silk inclusions and window pane design, amethyst semi precious gem stone nestled in a miniature willow handle basket,  hand painted and antiqued wooden box with old sari silk hankie, hand painted mulberry paper roses, satin roses with rhinestone centres, wool melton, wood and sheep's wool filling and locally sourced sheep's fleece, silver star earrings

This art doll is enhanced with the following meaningful and symbolic features:

TRISKELION: symbolises the present, past and future. Also balance, harmony and continual motion as in the flow of life and the Earth in her seasons and cycles. It can be useful for mental and spiritual growth and development. It is a symbol of strength in Celtic culture. It looks like it is moving and in that sense, it is also considered as the symbol of progress, personal growth and improvement. By helping to  expand our hearts and minds, we can journey on our path more joyously and meaningfully. The ancient Celts had many symbols, many of them revolved around a three-fold theme. Triskelion Celtic symbol meaning is a trinity of themes like: Mind, body, spirit for example. There are other meanings for each of the three branches of the triskelion.

CATS: are the masters of flexibility, adaptability, magic and psychic power. They illustrate the value of being unique. Cats embody independence and communication, They help you embrace your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms.
CAT symbolizes the transcendent, the supernatural and the unseen. Cat spirit animals are fanciful, magical and independent. They can appear when you need self-confidence and reassurance.

AMETHYST: channels divine energy for purification and wisdom. It symbolises balance, tranquillity, groundedness and calm. It can also serve as an antidote to too much wine! Amethyst can purify your energy field of unwanted energy and connect you to inner peace. Time to soothe your stress and let go of worries and tension.

 STAR: symbol can bestow divine guidance and protection. A symbol of purity and good luck. It can evoke aspiration, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, pursuits, magic and creative brilliance. It can harken a positive turning point in life.



 [Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 12" tall not including ribbon hanger.


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