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FFREYA, Handmade OOAK Welsh Flower Fairy Art Doll

FFREYA, Handmade OOAK Welsh Flower Fairy Art Doll

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Y Tylwyth Teg  Fairies attract FAERIE MAGICK

"I was named after the Scandinavian Goddess of Love.  Ohhhh you might be cool, right? Well actually, No. . Maybe you didn't realize that being named after a Goddess brings with it a certain set of expectations and responsibilities. Not! 

Aside from the obvious fact that I should be treated like the goddess I am, I actually get to be who I want to be no matter what my name is! And so do you!

We get to create our lives the way we want never mind what anyone else thinks, or says or wants. (Even when they are oh-so-well-meaning)

The biggest gift we can give to our loved ones is to be the best version of ourselves that we can manage.  And guess who's got the lowdown on that? You're right. We do. And we can start right now by loving who we are! Because I'll let you in on a secret. We're awesome!"

"Please remember to celebrate the relationship you have with yourself - it's the foundation of every healthy connection you'll share with others.
Louise Hay 
once told me:
You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet. Make it a good relationship."
❤️ Cheryl Richardson

Happy Ffreya has shown up in your life today for a reason. Are you ready to listen?

She wears a wild hat made of colourful handmade felt and BROWN FEATHERS. It has an orange satin ribbon flower with a rhinestone centrepiece. Another rhinestone (pink) is on the brim of the hat. It is echoed by her pink rhinestone stud earrings.

Ffreya's long golden tresses are courtesy of her Golddust Yorkshire Terrier friend, Dearie. (see pictured)

Ffreya's hand sculpted and painted paper clay face looks serene. But don't let that look fool you. Inside she is a real mean, Goddess!

Her body is constructed from burnt orange wool melton and wood. Her skirt is locally sourced welsh sheep's fleece in natural light grey.

Her lovely hand felted cloak is created using very delicious shades of red/red orange/gold/rust/rose violet. It is a combination of shiny and sparkly silk fibres and locally sourced  welsh wool top.

Ffreya's arms are loaded with treasure to share with you. Atop a large lavender silk flower is a real terra cotta pot with a bouquet of hand painted paper flowers and gold balls wound with a sparkling web of colourful fleece.

A hand felted wool nest contains several miniature books and a single CARNELIAN semi precious stone. A small ROOSTER is perched on the side. 

Ffreya never goes anywhere without her trusty broom at her side.

CARNELIAN: is a symbol of courage, endurance, energy, leadership and motivation. It promotes rich life force energy. The ancient Egyptians believed that Carnelian unites all divine powers.

ROOSTER: Those with a rooster spirit animal are high on energy, with a fiery spirit and an immense passion. They possess an enthusiastic and witty nature. Often very optimistic they utilize every opportunity coming their way. They usually have a humorous side to their character, helping them remain jovial.

BROWN FEATHERS represent a grounding influence. Stay strong and endure. They evoke connection to divinity and spiritual realms, a symbol of freedom.


 [Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 11" tall not including ribbon hanger.

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