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CRYSTEN: Handmade OOAK Welsh Fairy Witch Art Doll

CRYSTEN: Handmade OOAK Welsh Fairy Witch Art Doll

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Witchy lil Crysten is a handmade One of a Kind (OOAK) Welsh Fairy Witch Art Doll that brings much magick with her wherever she goes. 

Materials used in the making of this art doll:

Hand sculpted and painted paper clay face with hand painted and poured resin eyes. She carries a hand painted mulberry paper rose, a small ceramic black cat, silver turtle, squirrel, pentagram and acorn charms, a chrysocolla semi precious gem stone (removable) in a tiny tea dyed willow basket, a realistic miniature book in her real metal cauldron (both removable). She also carries a small. tea dyed besom.

Her hair is dyed UK sheep locks, her necklace is seed beads, her magnificent cloak is art quality hand made wet felt featuring locally sourced sheep's wool.

She is constructed using wool melton, wood and sheep's wool filling and locally sourced sheep's fleece. She is attached to a wooden slice (bark on) disk.

This art doll is enhanced with the following meaningful and symbolic features:

BLACK CATS: are a symbol of the soul's mysterious coming to earthly life. Their impenetrable colour represents the enigma of the spirit's return voyage to the physical world. Standing Up Against Prejudice ; Beating the Odds; Supporting & Advocating Adoption; Elegance; Healing Abandonment Issues; Mystery; Powerful Psychic Abilities; Strength & Sensuality; Strong Personal Magic.

TURTLE: both of land and sea, has various symbolic significance, including peace, resolution, taking life slow, protection, fertility, longevity, endurance, emotional strength, and ancient wisdom. To have a turtle as your totem animal means you have the inner wisdom and patience to understand that all things occur at their perfect time.

SQUIRREL: symbolizes joy, playfulness, light-heartedness, cheerfulness, fickleness, and practicality. They live by the principle that nothing is more important than their inner peace, something that we can learn from them as well. The spirit of the squirrels has mastered the art of letting things go and teach us the same.

PENTAGRAM: The symbol of the pentagram is also used in many Wiccan ceremonies. Wiccans see the star as symbolizing the four elements of air, water, earth and fire, which are perfectly balanced to create the fifth element of spirit.

For many Wiccans and Pagans the pentagram is a symbol that represents magic and magical workings as a whole. For others it’s used as a talisman, a connection to the divine, to open and close circles and a myriad of other ritual uses.

ACORN: symbolizes good health, fertility, prosperity, potential and strength. they embody immortality and celebrate life.

CHRYSOCOLLA: With its combination of blues and greens, the Chrysocolla crystal meaning represents a combination of energies related to love, growth, and communication. The refreshing and rejuvenating Chrysocolla crystal properties enhance life-force energy, bringing fresh energy into your pursuits. Soothing water-like aspects add an infusion of calming energy into your life, helps you to move fluidly and harmoniously through your life. Call upon the Chrysocolla crystal healing properties whenever you need to connect with its supportive energy.

Chrysocolla invites you to explore your heart’s desires — whether that means connecting with others, speaking your truth, or embarking on a new journey in life.

Chrysocolla works by removing negativity from your energy field. Without fear, doubt, or lack of motivation standing in your way, you are free to pursue powerful transformations in all areas of your life — from relationships to career and beyond. Once the energetic and emotional limitations and barriers have been removed, the Chrysocolla crystal meaning adds an infusion of fresh, positive energy to propel you forward.

 BESOM: is a symbol of banishing, fertility, and cleansing. Its earlier use was specifically for Western European fertility rites. These Western European rites are the reason why people think witches ride on their besom. Upon delivery, use the besom to do some sweeping around the birth site. The besom is a potent symbol of fertility and doing this will also banish negative energies from the mother and the baby. Doing banishing as early as the day the child is born will benefit the him or her greatly. While it does not usually touch the ground, it is used to "sweep out" the negative energies in a room, and is often held a few inches above the ground to do so.


[Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 9.5" tall. Rotating stand not included..




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