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AERONEN, OOAK Handmade Welsh Fairy Crone Art Doll

AERONEN, OOAK Handmade Welsh Fairy Crone Art Doll

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Gyragedd Annwn fairies can help with HEALING

How to Use & Display Your Art Doll – Hiraeth Gallery

 Aeronen means "berry".

Materials used in the making of this art doll: Hand sculpted and painted paper clay, silk flower, hand painted mulberry paper roses, dyed UK sheep locks, seed beads, tiny ceramic doggie, hand made wet felt with locally sourced sheep's wool, sodalite semi precious gem stone, handmade wool felt bowl, miniature willow handle basket, wool melton, wood and sheep's wool filling, locally sourced sheep's fleece and organza doilies.

This art doll is enhanced with the following meaningful and symbolic features:

SODALITE: The Sodalite crystal properties are a result of the stone’s connection to the throat and third eye chakras. The deep, rich blue coloration of the stone also gives it a soothing and calming energy, which helps to put your spirit at ease. This specific combination of energies makes the Sodalite crystal an ideal healing tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth, strengthen their self-expression, or tap into their intuition.
The Sodalite crystal stone meaning fuses your heart and your head, allowing you to speak and communicate from your heart, as well as ensure that you show up to your life as the most authentic version of yourself. Often when your heart and your head are in disagreement, you may say things you don’t mean or portray yourself differently than you really are. By connecting these two energy centres, the Sodalite crystal meaning guides you to align what you think with what you feel, which can be a powerful asset when it comes to communicating in your personal life, professional life, and beyond.
The calming and soothing energy of a Sodalite crystal also empowers you to be yourself, even if it is uncomfortable. Like many other blue stones, Sodalite has a stress-relieving effect that guides you to a calm state of mind when you feel nervous, worried, or tense. This calming crystal energy can clear away any unwanted feelings that prevent you from expressing yourself honestly and truthfully and being authentic to who you really are – not just with others, but also with yourself.
Communicating Clearly
A Sodalite crystal is a powerful tool for enhancing your communication because it enables you to communicate what you truly feel, rather than what’s easy or convenient. It gives you a boost of strength and power to speak your truth clearly and confidently, so that you can both express yourself and be heard by others.
The Sodalite crystal meaning offers a gentle reminder to think before you speak so that you can avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. The Sodalite crystal healing properties put you in touch with your inner wisdom where you can see your life from a higher perspective and approach all conversations and interactions with a bird’s-eye view. From this elevated perspective, you can learn to consciously communicate in a way that works for you and those around you. The harmonizing energy of the Sodalite crystal stone meaning allows you to find the balance between being bold and assertive with your words and speaking in a respectful and understandable way that others will respond positively to.

DOG: In Celtic symbolism, dogs are a representation of heroism. They embody heart-pounding attributes such as: Courage, Persistence, Virility. This, in large part is due to a Celtic dog’s role in hunting. Dogs were even trained by the ancient Celts to assist in battle.
Fidelity*Loyalty*Assistance*Intelligence*Obedience*Protection*Community*Cooperation*Resourcefulness*Communication*Sensory Perception


[Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 10" tall. Rotating stand not included..

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