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Organic Body Oil 50ml - Rosehip (Unfragranced)

Organic Body Oil 50ml - Rosehip (Unfragranced)

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Fragrance-Free Organic Body Oil: Versatility for Every Skin Type

Deeply nourish and revitalise your customers' skin with our premium, fragrance-free organic body oil. Crafted in the UK, this versatile formula caters to diverse needs, making it a perfect addition to your eco-conscious product line.

▪️ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Reflecting our commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

▪️ Made with Premium Organic Ingredients: A blend of castor, black cumin, and rosehip carrier oils, each chosen for its unique skin-loving properties.

▪️ Free of Added Fragrance: Perfect for those with sensitive skin or fragrance preferences.

Key Ingredients:

▪️ Organic Castor Oil: Moisturises, promotes hair health, and supports wound healing. 

▪️ Organic Black Cumin Oil: Reduces acne, strengthens hair, and boosts skin regeneration. 

▪️ Organic Rosehip Oil: Minimises scars, stimulates collagen production, and hydrates dry skin.

Invest in sustainable self-care! Shop now and add this captivating, organic body oil to your inventory.

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