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MERIEL, Handmade OOAK Fairy Witch Apothecary Welsh Art Dolls

MERIEL, Handmade OOAK Fairy Witch Apothecary Welsh Art Dolls

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Gwragedd Annwn Fairies can attract GOOD HEALTH

 "I don't see the point of beating about the bush. It is your body, your mind and your spirit and you are the one who knows best how to care for them. Intuition is a fine tool to use to help wake you up to things that need attention both physical, mental and spiritual. Trust that gut feeling! It is trying to tell you something! Listen...and then take the action that is best for you..."

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” ― Emma Smith 

Meriel has come well stocked with an arsenal of helpful items. She is quite serious and determined to support you on your journey. She wears red and blue satin roses with rhinestone centres in her hair. They remind me of a satin nurse's cape I was given by my mother (a nurse) as a child. It was red on one side and blue on the other and I was quite sure it bestowed magical nurse powers on me!

Meriel's locks are salt and pepper curls borrowed from my hubby. Don't worry, I didn't sneak them in his sleep or anything! Her hand sculpted and painted paper clay face is punctuated by her deep hand painted and poured resin eyes.

She wears a thick and warm handmade wool felt cloak in rich purple and dark blue tones. Her body is burgundy melton and wood, stuffed with sheep's wool. Her big fluffy skirt is locally sourced welsh sheep's fleece.

Around her neck, Meriel wears an iridescent deep blue/green/purple seed bead necklace with two silver HEART pendants.

Meriel's hand painted and antiqued wooden box contains several useful offerings. A finely detailed miniature medical book, a bouquet of WHITE ROSES, a SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN semi precious stone and a tiny bottle of whisky (for medicinal purposes!).

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: is a stone of purity and detoxification. It symbolises the need to regularly clear the body, heart, mind and spirit of toxins that hold you back from optimal living.  It can provide support for processing bad experiences, both conscious and unconscious. It can help extracting a positive essence from negative experiences. It can help you recognise and release "wrong thinking" and mental patterns that create stress.

HEART: means sensuality, passion, emotion, nurturing affection and love; especially romantic love.

ROSE: WHITE: symbolise peace, innocence, purity and love. They can convey "I will stand by you at all times". Respect and good memories.


Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 12" tall not including ribbon hanger.

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