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CRAITH WYNEB: Handmade OOAK Spooky Fairy Welsh Witch Art Doll with Scar on Face

CRAITH WYNEB: Handmade OOAK Spooky Fairy Welsh Witch Art Doll with Scar on Face

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 Gwyllion fairies excel at PROTECTION and SHIELDING

How to Use & Display Your Art Doll – Hiraeth Gallery

Craith means "scar". Wyneb means "face".

Materials used in the making of this art doll: Hand sculpted and painted paper clay, hand painted mulberry paper roses, satin roses, besom, dyed mohair boucle yarn, seed beads with single spiral pendant, small ceramic owl, handmade felt bowl, handmade multicoloured crocheted wool felt cloak, red jasper semi precious gem stone, hand painted and antiqued wooden box, wool melton, wood and sheep's wool filling and locally sourced sheep's fleece.

This art doll is enhanced with the following meaningful and symbolic features:

SINGLE SPIRAL: represents radiation of ethereal energy. It can help with balance, direction, initiation, progress, connection, expansion, awareness and all-round development

If we look at it as a line spiralling inwards, it may stand for the journey of the self from outer materialistic world to the inner cosmic world. On the other hand, if we look at it as a line spiralling outwards, it may mean the expansion of the consciousness of the self that begins at the core and spreads outwards, encompassing learning and experiences.

~ A spiral symbol represents the processes of both, creation and self-realization.

RED JASPER: is a power stone and can support strength, courage, protection and stamina. It can bring stability and balance in life. It can help create mental peace, physical health and foster positivity and improvement in life. It can provide a grounding influence and allows you to better engage with the world surrounding you. It can help eliminate distractions and procrastination issues. It can help you achieve your dreams and goal. Known as a  Sacred Nurturer's Stone.

BESOM: is a symbol of banishing, fertility, and cleansing. Its earlier use was specifically for Western European fertility rites.

OWL: Owl Spirit teaches you how to harness the strength needed to open your eyes and look into the shadows.
In Celtic mythology, Owls knew the way to the underworld and were fierce defenders of truth and honour. Owl has no tolerance for deception, even when we are deceiving ourselves.

"You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck." Rumi


[Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on the back of the doll.]

Approx. 13" tall not including ribbon hanger.


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