Which Doll is Right for Me?

How Do I Choose the Best Doll for Me?

Plenty of people spot the doll they want right away and purchase it. Bang. Done. They use what we call "Intuitive Selection". If it works for you, fantastic!

But others embark on a dizzying tour of ALL of the available pieces and soon feel like their head might explode with all of the options available. Disheartening!

Is this you? Not to worry!

HERE IS A WAY TO START: You might ask yourself: What is my intention with this doll?

  • Perhaps you are setting up a Ceremonial or Meditation Altar and you need a focal point. 
  • Maybe you want a doll to hang or place in a specific spot in your home or office (or your home office!), in your studio or creative space or in your entryway (protection) or wealth corner.
  • Are you looking to the doll
    • for Inspiration?
    • for Protection?
    • to improve the local Energy of the space?
    • to attract Abundance?
    • as a Conversation Piece?
    • as a beautifully unique Work of Art?
There are all kinds of good reasons to add an art doll (or dolls) to your life!
  • Perhaps you are looking for a perfectly unusual, one of a kind gift. It must be handmade and unlike anything they already have. You've come to the right place! 

WHAT TO DO NEXT: It is easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices.

START by browsing through the Collection headings below. The Collections break down the selection of Art Dolls into smaller groups using various criteria. Each Collection page will give you a synopsis of the category for the Collection. 

Click on the ones that sound interesting or resonate with your ideas of what you think you want.

  • As you quickly peruse the different Collections, you will notice that some of the dolls really grab your attention. Probably more than one. I advise you to jot down the name of the dolls that grab you. Just "go with your gut". Don't put too much thought into it at this stage.
  • This is when the dolls will "call to you." Take note!
  • After you have compiled a list is when you will dive deeper. 
  • Read the descriptions of the dolls on your list and look through all the pictures.
  • Most of the dolls are unlimited with how they can actually be used and enjoyed. But they do specialise in certain areas. So pay attention to what they have to offer on the surface. (Find out how to "program" the dolls to match your intentions here)
  • Pay special attention to the symbolism of the various elements in the particular doll. Are you noticing favourite semi precious stones or animals with special meanings to you? Colour combinations? Facial expressions?
  • At this point, some people just stash their favourite dolls in the shopping cart to compare and decide upon later. That works!

I like to think that the dolls choose who they want to go home with.

How do they do this?

You will notice that some of the dolls really stand out to you. Maybe you can't quite tear your eyes away or they look/remind you of someone you know or have known in the past. This is a very good sign that you are being chosen by that particular doll.

If you keep circling around and end up coming back to the same doll or dolls, rest assured, YOU ARE THE ONE!

Without further ado; please check out the Collections.

Dolls for PROTECTION This is the Gwyllion.

Dolls for ABUNDANCE This is the Coblynau.

Dolls for GOOD HEALTH This is the Gwragedd Annwn.

Dolls for FAERIE MAGICK This is the Tylwyth Teg.

Dolls for HOUSEHOLD HELPERS This is the Bwbachod. 

WILD CHILD Dolls This is the Ellyllon.

MYSTICAL ALTAR DOLL Dolls especially well suited for your Altar.

CRYSTAL SPIRIT ART DOLL Semi Precious Stones rich with Symbolism. 

ANIMAL SPIRIT ART DOLL Animals as Familiars and Spiritual Beings.

WELSH FAIRY ART DOLL The Faerie Fae in full Colour!

WELSH WITCH ART DOLL Fierce, Prophetic Mavens of Darkness.

WELSH WIZARD ART DOLL The Menfolk, Mages and Sorcerers.

WELSH GOBLIN GNOME ART DOLL Ugly/Cute, full of Charm & Mischief.

WELSH FAIRY APOTHECARY ART DOLL With their Tools of the Trade.

MOTHER AND CHILD ART DOLL Mother Dolls with Babes in Arms.

WISE WOMAN ART DOLL Compassion and Guidance. 

CRONE ART DOLL Delightful Elders steeped in Ancient Wisdom.

VICTORIAN ART DOLL Victorian flavoured styling.

FLOWER FAIRY ART DOLL Lots of hand painted flowers featured.


FANCY FELT Especially gorgeous Art Felt cloaks and shawls.