Tiny Baby Fairy Witch Changeling Art Dolls

Tiny Baby Fairy Witch Changeling Art Dolls

 A Changeling was believed to be a fairy that had been left in place of a human baby stolen by the fairies. A fairy child may appear sickly and won't grow in size like a normal child, and may display intelligence far beyond their apparent years. They can also possess uncanny insight. 

Most often, it is thought that the fairies exchanged the children. Occasionally an elderly fairy would be exchanged in the place of the human baby so the old fairy could live out its days in comfort, being coddled by its human parents.

NOW AVAILABLE: Teeny tiny Handmade One of a Kind Fairy Witch Changeling Art Dolls.

These wee hand sculpted and hand painted baby dolls tucked into a OOAK hand painted and antiqued wooden Art Box. No two alike!

These unique OOAK original Art Doll are designed and handmade by Sara McGoodwin Armstrong. (Eufaeria Artist and Founder)

Box dimensions:

Height- 2"


Length- 2"

All Eufaeria Art Dolls come with a signed and dated Artist's Certificate of Authenticity. 

Please note: These art dolls are an art collectible, not a toy. They are not suitable for young children.

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