Here are some of the kind words we've heard over the years. 

From Barbara on 19 June 2021

I ordered one of the Changelings and am so glad I did. A lot smaller than I thought but also much cuter. Such a cute and sweet face. I am glad I got her. Lots of work and detail. Sara is an excellent artist. Thank you Sara for my new little doll. Ennwyn


Brooke on 6 June 2021

Sara, the pictures and videos don’t do justice! I’m floored by the quality of your craftsmanship, and by how amazing Calan is! She’s so special and her presence is much more powerful than I imagined. Truly a magical heirloom. 🖤

If one of these dolls calls to you, bring her home. You will not be disappointed. Calan


Debbie on Apr 3, 2021
5 out of 5 stars
Sara, you have an amazingly powerful creative spirit!

These art doll faeries are magical! Each one is a whole world, a precious poem, a novel of many pages, a cup of coffee with a dear friend, a walk in the woods...
Each one is a brilliant work of art so beautiful, so full of wonderful exciting details, they fill my heart with an exquisite joy. You truly are very special Sara, thank you for sharing the magic of your enchanting world with me. Wenora



Debbie on Apr 3, 2021
5 out of 5 stars
So full of love and acceptance, she is the gateway to your heart! Liliwen



Debbie on Apr 3, 2021

5 out of 5 stars 

Beauty is a powerfully healing energy... 

warning: these art doll faeries may be very addictive, in the most wonderful way! Claris



Debbie on Apr 3, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Enchanting and full of wonder, a failure of symmetry is a whole new world of beauty! Teleri


Unique and well crafted Butterfly fairy

OOAK Fae Fantasy Art Fairies Butterfly Sorceress Kimanaomiflan

 Collectible Fairy Fantasy Art Doll OOAK Porcelain Face


 Magical! A++ transaction

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Tiny Wizard Doll Erasmus: malwolf

 Handmade Art Doll OOAK Wizard Collectible Fairy Elf


Really lovely. Am thrilled! A++ transaction

Handmade OOAK Fairy Fae Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Belisma: malwolf

 Handmade Fantasy Fairy Art Doll OOAK Mythical Creature


Very nice art piece! Very well done

OOAK Fantasy Art Fairies Old Dragon Rider Sorcerer Ryo: elfs1947

OOAK Wizard Art Doll Collectible Sorcerer Handmade Fairy Sculpture 


Fast delivery! This is amazing art!! Thank you! ++++++++++++++++++++++

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Collectible Dolls Amabel : elfs1947

Christmas Fairy Angel Art Doll Fantasy OOAK Handmade 


 Wonderful Creation, Thank You.

OOAK Fantasy Art Fairies Crone Handmade Doll December: rahnelee

OOAK Fantasy Art Fairy Crone Wise Woman Art Doll 


Chantal is beautiful. All the dolls from this shop have been exquisite. Thank

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Collectible Doll Chantal : aubie328

Christmas Xmas Fairy Art Doll Angel Holiday Gift OOAK 


Sweet Angel Artwork! Thank You So Much! Excellent Artist~ 5 STAR

OOAK Fantasy Art Fairies Xmas Angel Ornament Angelika: hudson8hbxo

OOAK Christmas Fairy Art Doll Xmas Angel Seasonal Gift  


I love my new doll, she is wonderful! Thank you great transaction

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Sorceress Doll Zigana :tootsrlv

OOAK Fairy Art Doll Collectible OOAK Faerie Fae Handmade Doll Artist 


Nicer then pictured...very pleased....Very fast shipping.

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairie Collectible Doll Maaginen :177383674@private



Sparkle is lovely and living happy ever after. A++ transaction and great seller

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Collectible Doll Sparkle: malwolf

 Handmade OOAK Welsh Fairy Doll Pillywiggin


 She just arrived and she is much cuter than the picture. Makes us smile!

OOAK Fairy Fantasy Art Fairies Collectible Doll Lumina: aubie328

Handmade Collectible Fantasy Fairy Figurine Magickal Pixie 


We all love Seagram. He is a work of art. Great shipping!

OOAK Fairy Wizard Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Seagram: aubie328

Little Wizard Doll Art OOAK Handmade Collectible Xmas Figurine 


This guy may be cuter than the girls - Thanks Sara!

OOAK Fairy Wizard Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Aethelweard : aubie328



Mielikki - another great lady by Sara. Another addition to our eufaeriea family

OOAK Fairy Fae Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Mielikki : aubie328

 Handmade Art Doll OOAK Collectible Unique Fairy Gift Sculpture


So wonderful - another really great doll. These are artistic creations! Love her

OOAK Fairy Crone Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Rhea: aubie328

 Wise Woman Native American Art Doll Spirit Crone Wise Woman


Works of art. I love this crone! Such attention to detail - Thanks so much!

OOAK Fairy Crone Wise Woman Art Doll Amitola: aubie328

 Unique Collectible Art Doll Crone Wise Woman Spirit Doll OOAK Handmade


The picture doesn't do it justice. Granddaughter's favourite Works of art. Great

OOAK Fairy Fae Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Katinka Ornament: aubie328

 Christmas Ornament Art Doll Fantasy Fairy Angel Doll Collectible


Delightful creature. Outstanding service. A pleasure to deal with.

OOAK Fairy Crone Wise Woman Art Doll Andromeda : dodger-1

Old Wise Woman Art Doll Fantasy Fairy Crone OOAK Handmade 


fast shipping nice work

OOAK Fairy Fae Faerie Fantasy Art Doll Myrth : dmm_pug

Holiday Gift Christmas Ornament Angel Fairy OOAK Art Doll 


Oh just got her & she is scrumptious ! Stunning Fast service 100 stars ty Lace

OOAK Fairy Fae Faerie Fantasy Art Doll January : 917323656@private

OOAK Handmade Fairy Art Doll Fantasy Christmas Ornament Figurine 


AWESOME< Blessed work, In this hard times this is a blessing to to have!!!!

OOAK Fairy Crone Wise Woman Art Doll Tuwa. : tortadog

Native American Spirit Doll Wise Woman Crone Handmade Art Doll 


WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE!!!!! :O): lesbonribbon*com

 Angel Fairy Art Doll OOAK Handmade Collectible Ornament


I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!! lesbonribbon*com

OOAK Wise Woman Art Doll Fairy Fantasy Magickal Sorceress 



Fairy Art Doll Victorian Handmade OOAK Fantasy Faerie 



OOAK Christmas Angel Figurine Collectible fairy Art Dolls



Fantasy Fairy OOAK Art Doll Handmade Pixie Magick Fae 


Beautiful item! I am so pleased! Expertly packaged...Thanks!!! A++++++ 7434235@private

Fairy Wise Woman Art Doll Fantasy OOAK Handmade Doll Artist 


Beautiful and unique from a repeat customer. A+. 81997935@private

OOAK Art Doll Collectible Fantasy Fairy Handmade Art Sculpture 


Must try these! So original! Sellers great communication  spotcheck

 OOAK Original Handmade Fairy Doll Art Collectible Figurine Fur


Unique and Wonderful! Love her! Spotcheck

Handmade Felt OOAK Art Doll Wise Woman Fantasy Fairy 


 So Great! A wonderful gift! Spotcheck

 Victorian Art Doll Handmade OOAK Fantasy Fairy


This artist's work invites you into a miniature world of wonderful characters. Mickysue1336

 OOAK Xmas Christmas Fairy Fantasy Art Doll Handmade Ornament


If you like artwork that is extraordinarily original, this artist is for you. Mickysue1336

Folk Art Doll OOAK Collectible Handmade Doll Artist 


I know the work from this artist is going to delight my family for generations. Mickysue1336

 Wise Woman Crone Native Art Doll OOAK Handmade Spirit Doll


Recommend across the board: artwork, delivery, value, Can't miss. Thanks.  Mickysue1336

 OOAK Fairy Art Doll Fantasy Figurine Original Doll Art


Thanks for original and wonderfully detailed artwork, prompt delivery. mickysue1336

 Wise Woman OOAK Fantasy Fairy Wise Woman Art Doll


The natural elements blend beautifully with this artist's imagination.  Mickysue1336

Wise Woman Crone Art Doll Fairy Fantasy Old Woman Hag 


I have nothing but praise for this artist's work, shipping practices, value. : mickysue1336

Christmas Handmade Fairy Angel Ornaments OOAK Art Doll 


Beautifully packed and shipped. Love the work. Timely. Recommend. Mickysue1336

Fantasy Fairy OOAK Art Doll Handmade Silk Flower Doll 


Recommend highly. Very unique and charming artwork. Thanks.  Mickysue1336

Folk Fairy Primitive Art Doll Simple OOAK Handmade Art 


The faces on this artist's work convey so much. I really love this artist! mickysue1336

Fantasy OOAK Fairy Art Doll Pillywiggin Figurine Fae Handmade 


Gorgeous as usual, lightening-fast delivery, always a pleasure to buy from you! 164678233@private

 Crochet Fairy Fantasy OOAK Doll Art Collectible Unique


The completeness of this artist's work is amazing. Nothing is wanting. Inspiring! Mickysue1336

 Fantasy Fairy Silk Flower Wing Art Doll Handmade OOAK


This artist is unique! Beautiful! Shipped safely & timely. Highly recommend. mickysue1336

OOAK Art Doll Flower Fairy Handmade Mythical Creature 


Interesting OOAK doll. Would have appreciated a less expensive shipping option. Msla

Multiracial Art Doll Fantasy Fairy Unique OOAK Handmade 


very pretty  ireland507

 OOAK Fantasy Fairy Art Doll Angel Lace Handmade Creation


3X a happy customer. 81997935@private

 OOAK Xmas Fairy Angel Art Doll Handmade Christmas Tradition


Absolutely adorable! Item just as described, fast shipping, awesome seller! :)  rachelandemilia

Christmas Fairy Art Doll Beaded Wing Fantasy OOAK Handmade 


Beautifully made. Great attention to detail.  81997935@private

Fairy Fantasy Art Doll OOAK Handmade Silk Flower Pixie 


Fabulous and Fascinating! 81997935@private

Crochet OOAK Fantasy Fairy Wise Woman Art Doll Handmade 


Fast ship and what a wonderful little creature! Thanks so much! A+++ cindyhost

 Silk Wing Fairy Fantasy Creature Art Doll OOAK Handmade


Great transaction, very pleasant, beautiful doll. satkaarya

 Valentine Fantasy Art Doll Fairy OOAK Handmade Figurine Ornament


Thank you for a prompt, professional transaction! I'm very happy with the fairy  11261051@private

Christmas Fairy angel Fantasy Art Doll Collectible Tradition 


Very nicely done. Great communication. Definitely Recommended. Most Pleased. luiseno-lady

 Xmas Christmas Ornament Fairy Art Doll Fantasy OOAK Handmade


Very nice Christmas ornament. Great for hanging on tree or doorknob.A+++++++ luiseno-lady

Silk Wing Velvet Christmas Art Doll Collectible OOAK Fairy Fantasy