How to Use & Display Your Art Doll

So you have purchased (or have been gifted) your first eufaeria Welsh Faerie Art Doll, now what?

Here are some ideas of how some of our customers display and get good use, enjoyment and yes, even benefits from their art doll.

  • Display as you would any piece of wall art
    • Hang it in a prominent place or passageway where it can be seen and enjoyed frequently
    • Favourite places are: above your mantlepiece, in your entryway, above your bed, amongst the plants in your conservatory or in your dining room to grace happy family meals
  • Add it to your altar or consider making a special altar or sacred place for the doll
    • Every doll has his or her own energy and influences. Many of them carry semi precious stones and symbolic items with deep meanings
    • The doll can be used as a focal point for meditation, affirmations, and intention work
  • Hang in your bathroom or bedroom and use the skirt for hanging and displaying your dangly earrings 
  • Hang from your rear view mirror in your car!
    • Fairies love to travel
    • (just be sure they aren't obstructing your view)
  • Give as a gift! As you browse through the collection of one of a kind welsh fairy art dolls and read their descriptions, certain people will come to mind as "perfect" for this doll. Let the Universe guide you and get that little doll into their hands! 


Gwragedd Annwyn fairies can attract GOOD HEALTH: Underwater fairies of streams and isolated lakes in the high Welsh mountains. Associated with the Physicians of Myddfai.. 

An Ellyllon fairy is often a WILD CHILD: Fairies or elves that haunt Welsh groves and valleys. Prefer open, wooded landscapes. Usually mischievous.

Coblynau fairies can attract ABUNDANCE: Underground fairies from the mines and quarries all over Wales. Good natured help for miners and wealth seekers.

Bwbachod fairies make good HELPERS: Household fairies similar to brownies. Friendly goblins. Loveable rogues and imps. Like to help on the farm and in the home.

Gwyllion fairies are often very helpful with PROTECTION: Mountain fairies haunt the lonely roads of the welsh mountains and countryside. Hags. Can be naughty or gloomy. Fierce protectors.

Y Tylwyth Teg Fairies vary widely with the individuals: Fairy folk like to dance on moonlit nights. Often live in remote Welsh caves or deep in the woods.