eufaeria is the name of my small doll making company first established in the late 1980's in southern Oregon, USA.

Many years later we are establishing ourselves in the Land of Fairy-- Wales! We moved to Llandovery two years ago. 

I have created hundreds and hundreds of fairy dolls over the years and other fantastical characters. Historically I have worked in porcelain, slip casting my hand sculpted designs. 

Just recently, due to our international move, we sold most of our belongings including my beloved kiln.

I have been working with paper clay in the interim and there is a lot to be said for it. Moving forward, I will get another kiln but may continue to experiment with doll sculpting mediums.

I am setting up a studio here in downtown Llandovery. It will be in the back of my shop/gallery: HIRAETH GALLERY!