Dreamwork, Synchronicity & Imagination Workshop

Based upon the work of Robert Moss “Dreamwork of the Iroquois” & Seneca/Choctaw Medicine Woman Jamie Sams “Animal Medicine” cards & “Sacred Pathway” cards. Event will include:

· What is dreamwork? Recording dreams & dream patterns

· Drawing cards for a dream & dream patterns & how to apply them.

· Dream, imagination and synchronicity droughts and overcharging.

· Energy testing dreams: Affects on physical posture & chakras

· Dream re-entry and continuation.

· Taking another person with you (a watcher or helper).

· Meeting animals, ancestors & past and future you.

· Dreaming for someone who has lost their dreams.

· Time is a spiral not linear. Using this to understand repeat ancestral & other patterns, and work with them.

· Use of imagination to create a safe place to meet others.

· How use of screens flattens perception to 2D & stops imagination.

· Navigating with dreams and synchronicity (not all things are supposed to be!!) Going on synchronicity walk.

· Dream action plan or “bumper sticker”.


£85 per person. Second person same household, or under 18 £70.00 except eve class which is £85.00. Low income £60 day events.


To book contact Mark Harris on Mob/Telegram App

07824 449011

Email Mark Harris hello@greenbeech.org.uk