Some Art Dolls from My Former Life

  • FIRST PEOPLE: Historically Accurate NW Coast Native Americans  

 Potlatch Princess

 Limited Edition 150

Hand carved and painted wooden "slaves". Woven raffia cape trimmed with fur. Wooden stand. Porcelain face with glass eyes. Porcelain hand. Abalone shell earrings.

Tlingit Chief

Limited Edition 150

Hand screened and painted garment with fur trim. Leather headdress with ceramic horns and tufts of angora rabbit wool. Porcelain face and hands. Wool felt and fur moccasins.


 Chilkat Dancer

Limited Edition 150

Hand screened and painted blanket. Hand spun fringe. Ceramic lustre glazed mask with rabbit skin. Fur and wool felt moccasins.

 Button Blanket

Red and black wool melton with hand sewn sequin beads. 

Edward Curtis Photo

Limited Edition 25

Hand stencilled blanket design. Hand painted porcelain face. Leather and ceramic headdress.

 Eskimo Woman and Baby

Limited Edition 100

Babies would often be carried in the hood of the parka. Porcelain faces. Rabbit skin parka with fur and embroidered braid trim. Wool felt and fur boots.


 Happy Inuit Woman (and Man)

Limited Edition OPEN (One of a Kind garments and hair treatment)

Porcelain face. Flexible bendable skeleton and weighted feet for posing. Handmade wool felt parka with cotton print calico skirt, embroidered braid and fur trim. Leather suede mittens. Felt and fur boots.


 Some press in the Doll Magazines. 





 Jamaican Fisherman

One of a Kind

 Hand sculpted Polymer Clay


 Remembering When...

Hand sculpted Polymer Clay

Glass eyes

Hand painted and antiqued wicker rocker




 Rapunzel OOAK

Hand sculpted Polymer Clay

Hand dyed and plaited silk gown. Beaded and plaited mohair tresses. Glass eyes. Hand built mixed media tower


 Midas and the Golden Touch

One of a Kind Porcelain and mixed media

Tile, Lustre fired ceramic original sculpt, mohair, silk, mink fur, velvet embroidered braid trims and leather.



 Tom Tit Tot


One of a Kind

Hand sculpted Polymer Clay and mixed media. Silk, mohair, wool, hand made ceramic beads, metal charms, bones, wood, semi precious stone beads, leather pouch and embroidered trims. Glass eyes.