About the Artist

My name is Sara McGoodwin Armstrong. I am the Chief Executive Art Goddess here at Hiraeth Gallery. Please enjoy perusing the pages of our online store.

eufaeria collectible art dollsSara McGoodwin Armstrong is a native Oregonian, born and raised on the west coast of the USA. Attending an experimental high school in Portland, Oregon gave her plenty of time to learn and develop her ceramic skills (when she wasn't in the theatre wing performing, designing sets and costumes and makeup.)

 She graduated from California College of Arts ad Crafts (now California College of Art) with a Bachelors degree in Textiles. She specialized in handmade felt and wearable art. Working and teaching at a textile supply house broadened her textile horizons even more.

She and her husband homesteaded in southern Oregon on 20 acres where they raised their 2 children and fibre sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits and a menagerie of other domestic and farm animals. 

Sara started a number of businesses during these years from homegrown dried flowers and bouquets to the beginnings of saressence, a body care company that featured natural good-enough-to-eat lotions and potions and such. Many of the recipes are still used by saressence in the current product line up. (Coming Soon!) 

The hand sculpted art doll company eufaeria was conceived, born and thrived for several years culminating in Sara having her dolls on display at the famous New York Toy Fair. It continued to be an ongoing interest of Sara's as she continued her artistic journey. 

After a move into town and a divorce, Sara was fortunate to find and eventually marry her best friend/soulmate/twin flame. She put her businesses on the back burner for a while to help with her new husband's businesses doing marketing, art directing and some website work. The artistic bug never quite went dormant...

As fate would have it, Sara's hubby was born in England and that made it possible to move to the UK and settle in Wales, a fairy dream come true. Having travelled in the UK a number of times, Wales was high on the list of favourite places.

They were able to purchase a shop in Llandovery with living quarters upstairs and a sizeable garden in back with room for her art studio on the premises!