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NEST, Handmade OOAK Welsh Witch Fairy Pixie Art Doll

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 A Bwbachod Fairy can be a HELPER

" Nest is what my close friends and family call me. My given name is Agnes, but I never really felt like an Agnes. If we are going to be friends, then you can call me Nest. I am here to remind you that you are as free as a bird and if you would but unfurl your wings, you can soar above the clouds."

“Life without dreams is like a bird with a broken wing — it can’t fly.”. – Dan Pena

 "No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the new day with a song." Unknown

 Happy little Nest has two tone blonde and ginger brown lock spun hand spun yarn for her hair. She has a hand sculpted and painted paper clay face with hand painted and poured resin eyes. 

Her body is made of lime wool melton, wood and stuffed with locally sourced welsh wool. Her skirt is fashioned from a particularly fine naturally coloured locally sourced Welsh sheep's fleece.

Her colourful wrap is fine wool cobweb felt with antique silk sari inclusions. Lavender and shades of blue with sparkling red, yellow, green and gold highlights.

Around her neck, she wears and iridescent seed bead necklace with a brass Celtic SINGLE SPIRAL pendant.

Nest carries a hand felted nest with yarn detailing on the outside and a bright sunset coloured interior. It contains a single Coturnix Quail EGG.

EGG: can mean earth, fertility, resurrection, new life, unhatched potential. Wonderful things in store for you including good luck and opportunities for wealth.

SINGLE SPIRAL: represents radiation of ethereal energy. It can help with balance, direction, initiation, progress, connection, expansion, awareness and all-round development. 

If we look at it as a line spiralling inwards, it may stand for the journey of the self from outer materialistic world to the inner cosmic world. On the other hand, if we look at it as a line spiralling outwards, it may mean the expansion of the consciousness of the self that begins at the core and spreads outwards, encompassing learning and experiences.

~ A spiral symbol represents the processes of both, creation and self-realization.

 [Dated and signed by artist on a small wooden disk located on her back.]

Approx. 8" tall not including ribbon hanger.